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19ft Tracked Scissor Lifts with Bi-levelling Technology

Large Work Area

It has a wider work area that can fit up to two operators at once


Its compactness enables to go through doors and elevators.


Great stability even at high altitude

High Maneuverability

High maneuverability in different kinds of space conditions

Fit for Rough Terrains

Ability to work in steep terrain or uneven surfaces


Fitted with suitable safety add ons

Bi-levelling Tracked Scissor Hire Melbourne

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Bi-levelling tracked scissor lifts are considered rough terrain scissor lifts. They are access lifts that are made primarily for the Melbourne outdoors and rugged surfaces. These kinds of scissor lifts are usually equipped with 4WD and fortified tires so that you can work safely and efficiently outdoors. 

Both manlifts and scissor lifts perform the same purpose: to provide access to unreachable heights and areas. The main difference between the two is the size of its work platform. Diesel and Electric Scissor lifts tend to have wider work platforms that can fit up to 2 persons while the manlift can only make room for one person. 

Although 19ft bi-levelling tracked scissor lifts are considered safe, it is the operator's responsibility and duty to wear scissor lift harnesses with other safety gear while operating scissor lifts. Worker safety greatly reduces possible accidents and deaths in the workplace. 

You must finish a nationally recognized training course with a Registered Training Organisation before operating scissor lifts or other EWPs in Australia (RTO). This normally entails an EWP Operator Ticket for scissor lifts (Yellow Card). This applies to platforms with a height of less than 11 meters. 

The name "bi-levelling" refers to the scissor lift's independent self-levelling capabilities as its weight is spread on both the x and y axes, always keeping the work platform at an even level while in the air.

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