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Robust and reliable 32ft Electric Scissor Lift 

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, lift and lower give smooth control

Extended Platform

Extension platforms have fold-down rails for a safe and wider work area

Ease of Transport

Has tie downs and lifting lugs to make transport hassle-free

Maximum Traction

Electric drive motors and reduction hubs on front steer wheels for maximum traction and easy turns

Non-marking Tyres

Protects sensitive surfaces from unwanted marks

Long-lasting Battery

Has long battery duty cycles and can drive at full elevation for 15 hours

Electric Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne

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Electric scissor lifts are aerial work platform lifts that are perfect for interior or outdoor maintenance and construction. While engine-powered scissor lifts traverse hard terrain and the platform elevates plenty of tools and people to height, electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes and promote quieter working environments.

Scissor lifts are extremely stable and safe. However, if not utilised properly, any piece of equipment might become dangerous. Always observe the manufacturer's directions and maximum weight limits when using scissor lifts to keep your operators and workers safe at all times. 

It is unsafe to move a scissor lift while its platform is elevated, especially at a large height. If the scissor lift isn't secured properly, it can topple over, inflicting damage to the equipment and crew. A man lift tip-over is, in reality, one of the most prevalent aerial lift mishaps in Melbourne. Before transporting the equipment, always completely lower the work platform.

An electric scissor lift's weight capacity varies per model and per brand. Many scissor lifts have a weight capability of approximately 450kg  u. Scissor lifts that are the largest and most powerful may hold up to 50 tons of material. Rough terrain hydraulic scissor lifts are commonly utilized in heavy construction.

Inspections of scissor lifts are required to ensure the safety and productivity of any elevated work platform and its operators.  Anytime a new operator takes over the machine, scissor lifts should be examined before operation. The standard operating environment of a machine also influences how often it should be inspected. Annual lift inspection should also be performed on the scissor lift within one year from the last check. The areas for inspection will vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Eastern Access Group Melbourne ensures that all our access hire equipment are well-maintained and always at their top condition when you hire from us. 

3246ES Electric Scissor Lift

Questions To Ask When Hiring a 32ft Electric Scissor Lift

• What is the floor loading in the work area?
• Do you want to work multiple shifts?
• Do you need to move up and down ramps?
• Do you need an extension lead outlet in the platform?
• Are you working in a food or clean environment
and can’t have oil fumes?

Applications For a 32ft Electric Scissor Lift

• Facilities maintenance
• Shopping centres and other indoor/outdoor areas
• Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes
• Telecommunications facilities
• Entertainment facilities
• Electricians
• Plumbers
• All maintenance and construction work, outdoor rated 1 person