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45ft Diesel Knuckle Boom Hi-Capacity Lift

Versatile and compact 45ft Diesel Knuckle Lift 

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, oscillating axle, and drive enable makes operations effortless

Added Safety Features

Fitted with tilt, descent, flashing beacons, and travel alarms plus a load sensor for increased protection at the worksite

Greater Reach

Provides a 7.5 m horizontal reach with a 7.4 m up and over clearance

Maximum Traction

Positive traction and proportional joystick controls for easier drive and operation

Perfect for the Outdoors

Equipped with a four-wheel drive and two speed wheel motors for smooth workability on rough ground


Built with a 160° Hydraulic platform rotation and a 355° non-continuous turntable rotation

Diesel Boom Lift Hire Melbourne

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Knuckle boom lifts are similar to any kind of aerial work platform because they are designed to provide more access to hard to reach areas. However, the knuckle boom lift stands out among the boom lifts because it does not only give vertical and horizontal access but it provides an up and over reach. Working with existing fixtures like walls and machineries is now easier. 

 Eastern Access Group has a fleet of well-kept scissor and boom lift hire in Melbourne. Depending on your needs, we provide the access equipment that is right for you. 

It is common to find knuckle boom lifts that can extend from 30 to 40 ft in height. But, there are some manufacturers and brands that offer 60ft boom lifts. Did you know that the world's tallest boom lift has a height capacity of 185 ft? 


Eastern Access Group provides 45ft and 60ft Diesel-powered Knuckle Boom Lift hire in areas all over Melbourne. We ensure our clients that all our machinery and equipment are regularly checked and meticulously maintained. You can be sure of quality for the money you are paying! 

The simplest way to tell them apart is that telescopic (straight boom lift) models are better for moving people and stuff around obstacles and into other positions with agility, while articulating models (knuckle boom lift) are better for moving people and materials around obstacles and into different positions with agility.


You can choose whether you want a straight boom lift or a knuckle boom lift hire for you worksite because we have both options  available for you! 

Knuckle boom lifts are also known in the access and construction industry as an articulating boom lift. Some people also interchangeably use cherry picker, manlift, and basket crane instead of boom lift. 

The answer to this question is very subjective and dependent on the kind of job you are to accomplish and the environment of the worksite. If the work is to take place indoors, it is better to choose an electrical-powered boom lift because it produces less noise and does not emit toxic fumes when used. If the work requires lots of heavy lifting and must be done in rough terrain, the diesel boom lift is your best choice. 


Whether it is electric or diesel, hiring a boom lift from us will be the best decision you will make. Eastern Access Group Melbourne only employs the most seasoned aerial work platform operators who will help you complete projects on time and within budget. 

Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

Standard Features of a Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Boom Lift

• 5 ft (1.52 m) jib boom
• 4WD
• Active oscillation
• Self-leveling platform
• 160° Hydraulic platform rotation
• Proportional joystick controls
• Drive enable
• AC power cord to platform
• Alarm package: Flashing beacon and
travel alarm
• Horn
• Hour meter
• Tilt alarm
• Descent alarm
• Flashing beacons and travel alarm
• 355° non-continuous turntable rotation

Standard Features of a Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Boom Lift

• Positive traction drive
• Two-speed wheel motors
• Work tray
• Platform entry toeboard
• Lift GuardTM Contact Alarm
• Dual parallelogram for vertical wall tracking

• 12 V DC auxiliary power
• Swing-out engine tray
• Intake air heater (Deutz engine only)


Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

Options and Accessories of a Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Boom Lift

• Lift PowerTM
– 3 kW AC Generator
– 12 kW 240 V / 60 Hz Welder
Ready package
– 12 kW Welder Equipped, Select
Lincoln or Miller (12 kW options
include a fire extinguisher and
fireproof sleeves)
• Lift Guard Platform Mesh – Half
• Lift Guard Platform Mesh – Full
• Platform top auxiliary rail
• Air line to platform
• Thumb rocker steer
• Specialty hydraulic oil (Cold weather,
fire resistant or biodegradable)
• Aircraft protection package*
• Hostile environment kit

Options and Accessories of a Z® -45 XCTM Diesel Boom Lift

• Panel cradle package
• Light package
• Lockable platform control box cover
• Tow package
• Operator Protective Structure**
• Fall Arrest Bar
• Florescent tube caddy**
• Pipe cradle (pair)**
• Lift Tools Expo Installer**
• Engine gauge package
(Ford engine only)
• Cold Weather Packages
• LPG tank 33.5 lb (15.19 kg) capacity
• Positive air shut off system
(Deutz engine only)

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