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32ft Rough Terrain Diesel Scissor Lift that’s easy to maintain

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, lift and narrow turning radius provides smooth control and maneuverability

All-Terrain Capable

Designed for outdoor use on rough and even work surfaces


Adjustable stabalisers or out-riggers provide stable operation

Low Maintenance

Has a built-in diagnostic tool that alerts operators

Extended Platform

1.2m platform extension to provide a wider workspace

Exceptional Productivity

One-switch system for deploying multiple outriggers

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne

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Diesel scissor lifts are aerial work platforms that have the largest load capacity due to their huge platforms. A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated on the extended platform.  The conventional platform extensions add even more area and reach. Diesel scissor lifts are very simple to operate because of their straight and vertical elevation. Their gradeability and tilt capacity ranks higher than regular scissor lifts, allowing them to work on the most difficult terrains with outriggers for optimal stability.

Eastern Access Group Melbourne offers the Haulotte Compact 10 DX Diesel Scissor Lift Hire for your heavy duty outdoor access needs. 

Indoor use of diesel scissor lifts is not recommended. Because there isn't enough ventilation in an enclosed location, fumes will build up, perhaps leading employees to become sick as a result of toxic gas inhalation. 

When operated according to the manufacturer guidelines, diesel scissor lifts provide a safe and reliable platform for personnel to conduct aerial tasks. Scissor lifts can be dangerous to employees if they are not used appropriately and not inspected regularly. Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees at all times. 

Using large access equipment like the diesel scissor lift requires extra caution during operation. Eastern Access Group Melbourne values safety for their clients and employees above everything else. Here are some things that you must avoid doing to uphold safety in the workplace: 


  • Don't keep your basket doors open during operation
  • Don't use ladders or step stools in the basket
  • Don't climb over the guardrails or lean too far
  • Do not use the diesel scissor lift in bad weather or in low visibility
  • Never let untrained operators use the scissor lift

The height capacity of a diesel scissor lift is dependent on its brand and model. Most scissor lifts have a height capacity ranging from 32 to 40 ft. Because scissor lifts are designed to lift heavier loads (materials and people),  they tend to have a lower lifting height capacity for safety reasons. 


Eastern Access Group Melbourne offers a 32ft rough terrain diesel scissor lift hire at affordable rates. 

COMPACT 10 DX Diesel Scissor Lift

Standard Equipment Included in the Compact 10 DX Diesel Scissor Lift

  • 4 wheel drive, 2 wheel steer
  • Brake release
  • Foam filled all terrain tyres
  • 1.2 m platform extension
  • Removable operator’s control box
  • 3° Tilt alarm
    Automatic levelling outriggers
  • Horn
  • Hourmeter
  • 12 V – 74 Ah batteries
  •  Hydraulic brakes
  • Kubota engine
  • Manual platform lowering valve
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • Towing hooks
  • Side shields

Options and Accessories of a Compact 10 DX Diesel Scissor Lift

  • Non marking tyres
  • 110 V power to the platform
  • Swing-door gate
  • Hydraulic generator 3.5 kW
  • Biodegradable oil
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Telematics ready
  • Motion alarm for movements and translation
  • Travel alarm
  • Rotating beacon
  • Working light
  • Foldable guard-rails

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