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45ft Diesel Straight Boom Hi-Capacity Lift

Amazing operational accessibility with the 45ft Diesel Straight Boom Hi-Capacity Lift

Chassis Tilt Sensor

Maximises accessibility in tight areas for boom lift operators

Dual-lift Capacity

Maximum restricted and unrestricted capacity of 300kg and 454kg

Easy to Use

Operation controls are simple with a user interface focused design

Positive Traction Drive

Prevents traction loss during use especially on slippery areas

Load Sense Technology

No need for manual weighing and calibration with their load sensors

Automatic Envelope Control

Allows self-retraction of boom when it reaches its operation envelope

Telescopic Boom Lift Hire Melbourne

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By deploying one or more telescoping boom sections, the mast of a telescopic boom lift extends out in a straight line, giving you adequate vertical reach to directly access overhead task sites. This design allows you to utilise the boom's whole horizontal reach.  

A telescopic boom lift, also known as a stick boom or straight boom, features a boom that "telescopes" straight out from the lift chassis' boom hoist. Construction, industrial, painting, and facility management businesses all employ telescopic boom lifts. Some models have a maximum range of up to 185 feet, although the most common maximum range is around 150 feet.

Boom lifts, like scissor lifts, should not be used on a hill or incline. The centre of gravity on this machine is greater than on many others, increasing the risk of a tip-over. However, you can work on an incline as long as you don't exceed the boom lift's maximum slope.


Eastern Access Group recommends following the boom lift's guidelines in operating the aerial work platform. We provide safe boom lift hire and trained operators to help you accomplish your Melbourne projects efficiently. 

A boom lift can last up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. As a result, implementing a boom lift care and maintenance program is critical. This will allow you to spot and fix problems with boom lifts before they create long-term damage.


With Eastern Access Group's wide range of scissor lift hires and boom lift hires, you don't have to worry about shouldering maintenance costs because our access equipment hire is regularly evaluated and maintained so that it can function at its very best. 

Hiring a straight boom lift has many benefits. Among all these, the most valued of them all is the improved maneuverability and greater flexibility. When it comes to finishing work, articulating boom lifts offer more flexibility and maneuverability. Their multi-arm design enables the operator platform and basket to be precisely maneuvered to fulfil tasks in difficult-to-reach or tight areas.

S® -45 XCTM Diesel Straight Boom Lift

Standard Features of a S® -45 XCTM Diesel Straight Boom Lift

• 15.56 m (50 ft 6 in) working height
• 11.02 m (36 ft 2 in) horizontal reach
• 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and
454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted lift capacity
• Self-leveling platform
• 160° hydraulic platform rotation
• Thumb rocker steering
• Proportional joystick controls
• Drive enable
• Alarm package: flashing beacon and
travel alarm
• AC power cord to platform
• Horn
• Hour meter
• Tilt alarm
• Descent alarm
• 360° continuous turntable rotation
• Locking turntable covers
• Positive traction drive

Standard Features of a S® -45 XCTM Diesel Straight Boom Lift

• 360° continuous turntable rotation
• Locking turntable covers
• Positive traction drive
• Two speed wheel motors
• Entry Toeboard
• Lift GuardTM Contact Alarm
• Lift ToolsTM Work Tray
• Lift ConnectTM Telematics
• Lockable platform control box cover
• Hydraulic oil cooler
• 12 V DC auxiliary power
• Anti-restart engine protection
• Auto engine fault shutdown
• Intake air heater (Deutz engine)
• Active Oscillation, 4WD
• Steel Platform 2.44 m (8 ft) tri entry with side
swing gate
• 5 ft (1.52 m) jib boom
• Deutz Engine D2011L03i, 36 kW (48 hp)

Options and Accessories of a S® -45 XCTM Diesel Straight Boom Lift

 • Rough terrain non-marking
foam-filled (standard)
• Lift PowerTM
– 7.5 kW 240 V 50 Hz Generator
• Lift Guard Platform Mesh – Half
• Air line to platform
• Specialty hydraulic oil (cold weather,
fire resistant, or biodegradable)
• Panel cradle package
• Pipe cradle package
• Tow package
• Work light package
• Operator Protective Structure
• Fall Arrest Bar*
Power Options
• Diesel catalytic scrubber muffler
• Diesel catalytic purifier muffler

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