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Self propelled vertical lift


Its lightweight makes it suitable for the most fragile grounds


Its compactness enables to go through doors and elevators.


Adjustable stabalisers or out-riggers provide stable operation

Floor Protection

Stabilisers with rubber protect the floor surface


Near new machinery, well maintained


Fitted with suitable safety add ons

Manlift Hire Melbourne

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However, manlifts, like any other instrument, are only safe when used appropriately. Because they raise personnel above ground or floor level, mishaps caused by incorrect use can result in serious injuries and even death - both for the workers on the manlift and anybody unfortunate enough to be standing below. consequatur.

Manlifts are generally compact in size because they are created for the purpose of gaining access to hard to reach and narrow doorways. Not all manlifts have the same sizes so you need to verify the specifications that you need before hiring one. Eastern Access Group Melbourne has a well-maintained manlift available for hire. You only need to view the specifications to see if it satisfies your requirements. 

A manlift is a customised aerial work platform (AWP) that is designed to lift a person and their equipment securely on both indoor and outdoor work locations. Manlifts go by a variety of names in the business, including manlifts, man lifts, vertical lifts, personal lifts, and personnel lifts. 

When the boom is lifted in a working position with men in the basket, an aerial lift vehicle may not be moved unless it is equipped particularly for this sort of activity in line with safety regulations.

Boom Lifts mostly run on diesel while there are some lifts that are electrical- powered. Before refueling your boom lifts or any aerial working platform, please check what kind of fuel it requires. 

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