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Durable and compact 26ft Electric Scissor Lift

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, lift and lower give smooth control


Perfect for tight access doorways and corridors

Extended Platform

Allows for greater productivity with its wider workspace

Maximum Traction

Electric drive motors and reduction hubs on front steer wheels for maximum traction and easy turns

Long-lasting Battery

Can be operated at full elevation for 16 hours

Ease of Transport

Lifting lugs and tie downs provide hassle-free transport

Electric Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne

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Scissor lifts that are powered by electricity or batteries are robust, efficient, and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for any job that requires workers to operate at a height. A silencing muffler can be added to an electric scissor lift to reduce engine noise, making it quieter than its diesel version. The operating height of electric scissors makes them ideal for duties such as lighting maintenance and taking inventory in warehouses and building management. Slab scissors are another term for electric scissors.

Regardless of where they are utilised, both electric and diesel scissor lifts are built for maximum agility. Many comparable forklifts in Melbourne are larger and more difficult to manage than these scissor lifts. They both have self-propelled vehicles with extended decks. For maximum stability and safety, both are equipped with auto-self leveling and motion sensors. A silencing muffler can be added to an electric scissor lift to reduce engine noise, whereas a diesel scissor lift is often louder than its electric version. Furthermore, diesel scissor lifts typically have 4x4 wheel drive, whereas electric models may only have a 2x4 drive. Electric scissor lifts often have a higher weight capacity than diesel scissor lifts.

 Yes, you can. 


Electric scissor lifts are made to be used indoors compared to their diesel counterparts. They are also equipped with non-marking tyres, just like Eastern Access Group Melbourne's 26ft scissor lift, that prevents floor damage during operation.  



Scissor lift tip-overs are very common accidents in the workplace. If the scissor lift isn't secured properly, it can topple over, inflicting damage to the equipment and crew. Before transporting the equipment, always completely lower the work platform.


Eastern Access Group always puts safety first for both their employees and clients. Our operators are well-versed in safety codes and protocols and have years of experience with mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP). 

When the MEWP is operating in an area with limited clearance or when risks are present, a spotter, who must be a qualified operator, is necessary. A fall arrest device is not necessary on a vertical-only work platform with guardrails, such as a scissor lift, unless the manufacturer recommends it. 


Eastern Access Group vigilantly follows safety protocols when operating aerial platforms such as boom lifts and scissor lifts in Melbourne. 



2646ES Electric Scissor Lift

Questions To Ask When Hiring a 26ft Electric Scissor Lift

• What is the floor loading in the work area?
• Do you want to work multiple shifts?
• Do you need to move up and down ramps?
• Do you need an extension lead outlet in the platform?
• Are you working in a food or clean environment and
can’t have oil fumes?
• Do you need to work outdoors?

Applications For a 26ft Electric Scissor Lift

• Facilities maintenance
• Shopping centres and other indoor/outdoor areas
• Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes
• Telecommunications facilities
• Entertainment facilities
• Electricians
• Plumbers
• All maintenance and construction work
• Aircraft maintenance, outdoor rated 2 persons

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