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Compact and lightweight 12ft vertical mast lift

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, lift and lower give smooth control


Compact size allows for entry through narrow doorways and corridors.


Easy transport and loading into elevators

Maximum Traction

Electric drive motors and reduction hubs on front steer wheels for maximum traction and easy turns

Non-Marking Tyres

Eliminates floor marking in the worksite


Minimum components reduce maintenance and operating costs

Vertical Mast Lift Hire Melbourne

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Vertical mast lifts are compact elevated work platforms (EWP) that are made to allow access to hard to reach heights while taking up minimum workspace and fitting into narrow doorways. 

Vertical mast lifts are considered to be one of the most versatile boom lifts available in the industry because they have numerous benefits. 

  • Compact size for wide applications
  • Makes challenging access tasks easier for workers by providing high vertical reach and a wider workspace. 
  • Portable and ease of storage
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your access hire requirements

Scissor lifts are most widely utilized in manufacturing and industrial environments to elevate personnel to high areas. These lifts are held up by crisscrossing braces that stretch upward. Scissor lifts are typically not ideal for narrower spaces since they provide a considerably bigger platform area for workers. They're also available in tough terrain and with double expanding decks. Mast lifts, on the other hand, are a small sort of cherry picker that operates with a boom lift. They are perfect for low-level access in confined places and busy locations, such as retail stores, offices, public buildings, and hotels, where standard cherry pickers or scissor lifts would be inaccessible. They are compact in design, allowing them to be utilized indoors and in tight locations without posing a hazard to other workers, and they can be readily pushed into short aisles due to their small size.


Never operate an aerial lift in winds above 20 miles per hour.

The Beaufort Wind Force Scale recommends that most powered access platforms and boom lifts be used only when winds are less than level 5 on the Beaufort scale of 0 to 12.

Vertical mast lifts have a multi-stage mast that allows for a smaller footprint than standard personnel lifts such as scissor lifts. They're equipped with platform extensions that extend past the vehicle's base. Workers would have no trouble operating this vertical lift platform because it is equipped with user-friendly controls. A low battery indication, an up/down switch, and a setup confirmation are among the mast lift's control features.

1230ES Electric Mast Lift

Questions To Ask When Hiring a 12ft Vertical Mast Lift

• What is the floor loading in the work area?
• Do you want to transport on a trailer?
• Do you want to work multiple shifts?
• Do you need to move up and down ramps?
• Do you need to enter narrow doors?
• Do you need an extension lead outlet in the platform?
• Are you working in a food or clean environment
and can’t have oil fumes?
• Do you need to enter a passenger or goods lift (790kg)?

Applications For a 12ft Vertical Mast Lift

• Facilities maintenance
• Shopping centres and other indoor areas only
• Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes
• Telecommunications facilities
• Entertainment facilities
• Electricians completing lighting changes
• Drives into lifts in high rise buildings

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