Eastern Access Group Melbourne


Smooth and clean operations with the STAR 10 Vertical Mast. 


Flexible and efficient transportation options that pockets on forklift tines

Versatile and Effective

Versatile and effective transport solutions with forklift tine pockets


Adjustable stabalisers or out-riggers provide stable operation

Maximum Traction

Electric drive motors and reduction hubs on front steer wheels for maximum traction and easy turns


Offers high precision driving and smart transportability

Built to Last

Minimal maintenance and downtime

Electric Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne

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When it comes to heavy-duty equipment in Melbourne, safety is only guaranteed when these conditions are fulfilled: High-quality access equipment, regular and vigilant maintenance, safety training and lots of experience. The safety of a scissor lift is primarily dependent on its proper usage and upkeep. Because their purpose is to lift workers to high areas, improper use of scissor lifts can cause fatal accidents and serious injuries to both operators and workers on the lift.

Scissor lifts have been invented to make work more convenient and safe for people. The general benefits of using a scissor lift in the workplace are as follows: 

  • Provides access to hard to reach areas and heights. 
  • Most scissor lifts are easy and simple to operate.
  • Scissor lifts are available in various compact sizes that can fit narrow corridors and doorways.
  • Because of their size, it uses up less space while accomplishing more work.
  • Scissor lifts can be customised according to your needs.
  • They are cost-effective. You only need one scissor lift to get the job done. 

Eastern Access Group Melbourne has been hiring out two general kinds of scissor lifts: Diesel Scissor Lifts and Electrical Scissor Lifts. Electric-powered scissor lifts make less noise than their diesel counterpart because of a silencing muffler. While both kinds perform the same functions, a diesel scissor lift has a 4WD option while electric scissor lifts only have a 2x4 drive. Because of this, diesel scissor lifts are normally used outdoors, especially on rough terrains. 

Scissor lifts are also called by different names or go by their technical classification. Don't be confused because they generally refer to scissor lifts! 

  • Aerial Work Platform (AWP)
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)


Although high-quality scissor lifts are durable and reliable, it is not advisable to use and operate scissor lifts in bad weather conditions. Strong gusts of wind can knock down a scissor lift in operation instantly, which can cause irreversible damages and lost lives. Before you use the scissor lift, it is recommended to check the weather conditions of the day to determine whether or not it is safe to work on a scissor lift. 


Questions To Ask When Hiring a STAR 10 Vertical Mast

• What is the floor loading in the work area?

• Do you want to transport on a trailer?

• Do you want to work multiple shifts?

• Do you need to move up and down ramps?

• Do you need to enter narrow doors?

• Do you need an extension lead outlet in the platform?

• Are you working in a food or clean environment and can’t have oil fumes?

Applications For a STAR 10 Vertical Mast

• Facilities maintenance

• Shopping centres and other indoor/outdoor areas, rated outdoor 1 person 200kg

• Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes

• Telecommunications facilities

• Entertainment facilities

• Electricians

• Plumbers

• All maintenance and construction work