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A Guide to Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

Athena Bi Leveling Scissor Lifts

A Guide to Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

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Athena was named after Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of power and wisdom for its brilliant bi-leveling ability. On the Australian market, the Athena Scissor Lift is the most popular. The Bi-leveling Compact Tracked Scissor Lift is the world’s first scissor lift with the unique ability to level on its axis in both lateral and longitudinal directions. It allows it to function in undulating terrain and on slopes and where traditional scissor lifts cannot.

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One of the most versatile and productive types of elevated reach equipment is the Athena Bi-levelling scissor lift. The bi-leveling technology enables dynamic and proactive leveling, which automatically levels the Athena bi-leveling scissor lift to allow for reliable use on uneven ground, allowing operators to safely navigate all types of job sites. The term “bi-leveling” refers to the machine’s independent self-leveling capacity, which is achieved by distributing the machine’s weight on both the x and y axes, ensuring that the platform remains level while in the air. The scissor lift’s technology allows for automated leveling on slopes up to 20 degrees, and the machine’s tracks can be retracted for access in confined locations.

Only bi-leveling technology gives Athena an advantage. Built durable for both indoor and outdoor use, Athena’s design and functionality overcome the constraints of traditional mobile scissor lifts, considerably increasing the machine’s safety, versatility, and value in the workplace. The Athena Bi-leveling Scissor Lift can manage terrain fluctuations up to 50cm front and back, 38cm side-to-side on uneven terrain, and inclines up to 20 degrees with confidence and safety. 

The Athena Bi-leveling Scissor Lift simplifies operations including rough terrain, urban barriers, and loading and unloading without the use of special trailers with a ground clearance of up to 350mm. The machine’s rails are self-contained, allowing operators to get up close and personal when necessary. This scissor lift can effortlessly navigate steep driveways, disability access ramps, pedestrian walkways, and narrow access corridors.

Main Features of Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

Basket Capabilities

The two-person extendable basket, which can lift to 250 pounds, is simple to adjust and extends the working platform to almost 2.5 meters in breadth. The platform’s 220v current generator facilitates work on the platform by allowing operators to utilize electric tools at heights without extension cables from local power sources.

Ease of Operating

The Athena is equipped with a dual-powered system that includes a diesel engine and a 240 V power supply for best performance. It is manageable and adaptable to rough terrains because of its easy drive system and direct control system.


The automatic basket leveling is the most novel element of the equipment having a maximum working height of 8 meters. It is a safe choice for working in narrow access solutions on slopes and mild inclines. It can function on slopes up to 20 degrees and side slopes while keeping a steady and level work platform for operators. The leveling tracks make it ideal for tasks, including construction, maintenance, and agriculture.

Its non-marking treads allow it to perform both indoors and outdoors, making it a quick and versatile alternative to all-terrain lifts and slab scissor lifts that saves operators time and money. The EWP can pass through two doors for convenient movement between regions, and its compact size and a maximum weight of 2050kg make it easy to tow by most work vehicles. The Athena Scissor Lift can be folded to a compact size for convenient transportation thanks to its ability to collapse the cage walls in just five minutes.

Variations of Athena Bi-levelling Scissor Lift

The Athena range of bi-levelling scissor lifts enable you to take units anywhere you need to go. Have you seen all the hype surrounding the Athena Bi-levelling Scissor Lift recently but wondering exactly how they work? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The machines are available in a variety of configurations, as follows. 

  • HE – Has a compact size and is lightweight. 
  • EVO – Has a powerful diesel engine along with proactive and dynamic leveling. 
  • Bi-Energy — The machine has a whisper-quiet engine that allows it to be utilised indoors.


The Athena HE For is a one-of-a-kind bi-leveling, compact scissor lift with a wide range of uses. Two people can get to work rain, hail, or shine with a platform working height of 7.8 meters and capacity of 250 kg.

What Makes Athena HE?

  • The automated outriggers are cutting-edge external legs that stabilize the Athena HE on inclines up to 23 degrees in both the X and Y axes, giving the scissor lift an exceptional range of motion without sacrificing stability. It is the first time these features have been integrated into an all-terrain scissor lift that is flexible and durable. 
  • The Athena HE’s independent tracks make it exceptionally terrain-adaptable. The scissor lift’s separate tracks allow it to maneuver through uneven terrain with ease. The tracks move independently to offer faster and safer mobility throughout a workplace, rather than having to climb inclines or wobble side to side.
  • Because the Athena HE is only 796mm wide, it can fit through normal doors without difficulty. The overall height is only 1880mm when the rails are folded. It makes the Athena HE suitable for any work environment; whether indoors or out, this scissor lift can readily access regions that no other scissor lift can.
  • A collapsible and expandable basket may reach a height of 7.8 meters. In extreme instances, the extension capabilities allow additional access. The deck slides out to twice the basket’s length and can carry up to 250 pounds. The cage walls’ railings can also be elevated for further safety or lowered for easier access to tough locations.
  • You can use the Athena HE’s full range of functions anywhere you need to work thanks to the dual power supply. It has a Honda petrol engine for usage when power supplies aren’t available, but it can also be powered by a 240v power source if you’re within range of one.

Athena EVO

The Athena EVO Bi-levelling Scissor Lift can take you to a stunning 10 metre working height and can function on an incline of up to 20 degrees. The automatic leveling technology eliminates all of the typical limits of classic 4×4 traction, allowing for work in difficult-to-reach and tight areas. The machine’s dynamic leveling allows the operator to work comfortably and safely on uneven, steep slopes, and difficult terrain. The bi-energetic engine offers complete versatility for both indoor and outdoor use.

What makes Athena EVO?

  • This includes faster Kubota engines which are known for being the world’s most powerful, efficient, and dependable engines, delivering incredible power when you need it most while lowering emissions and environmental impact. The new Kubota Z602 diesel engine is whisper-quiet. 
  • With a generous 10 metres of working height, the Athena is the tallest in her class, enabling extreme access with its extra reach and compact design so you can get up close and now go higher than ever before.
  • It is the next step in the advancement of the Athena Scissor Lifts’ distinctive bi-leveling capability. The Athena is the first of its kind in the world to include proactive and dynamic leveling, which means it can now level in either the raised or stowed position instinctively and automatically during translation.
  • The Athena Evo offers a spacious 2-man basket because of the increased platform size, providing you more elbow room to get the work done faster and more comfortably. The basket can be extended to provide more horizontal reach and storage space for tools and materials.

Athena Bi-Energy

The Athena Bi-Energy scissor lift has a working height of 10 meters, which is the highest in its class. The Athena 1090 Bi-Energy has a wide platform deck with a 300kg lift capacity and an extended platform for extra reach and access, similar to the EVO model. The intuitively automatic leveling of proactive and dynamic leveling allows the operator to work on slopes effortlessly and safely. Athena Bi-Energy is powered by the Hatz Diesel Engine and a 100Ah-48V Lithium-Ion power pack. It adds to the scissor lift’s versatility, allowing it to be utilised both indoors and out. Construction, signage, electrical, painting, facility maintenance, and other high-access applications are appropriate for the Athena Bi-Energy bi-leveling scissor lift.

What makes Athena Bi-Energy?

  • Use free power tools with a 220V electric pump or lithium-ion variation and an optional power generator when power is unavailable.
  • As a result, Athena can now level instinctively and automatically in either the stowed or raised position while transitioning.
  • The extensible platform allows two people to work comfortably together, while the foldable basket is quick and easy to alter in any case of an emergency.

Uses of Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lifts

Athena Scissor Lifts are ideal for industries, including Building and Construction, Council Operations, Facilities Maintenance, Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial and Commercial Plant Access, and Park and Tree Management. These are used in Orchards and vineyards and by landscapers, facilities maintenance, painters, and arborists.

Six Best Companies to Hire an Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

1. All Lift Forklift & Access Equipment

All Lift Forklifts offer the widest selection of scissor lift rental services in Sydney to fulfill any large or little job requirement. The Athena 630 Scissor Lift is built tough and suitable indoors and outdoors (including up to 20 front and back and 15 side to side inclines and uneven terrain). It can take on challenging terrain like no other scissor lift on the market and allows you to take these units wherever you need to go. Finally, there’s a small scissor lift that’s adaptable and capable of handling whatever task you throw at it.

2. Duralift

When it comes to reaching vertically elevated regions, Duralift is more than simply one of Melbourne’s access hiring firms. Duralift has a wide choice of equipment, including Scissor Lifts that can be rented for any length of time. With Duralift, you can hire Athena Tracked Scissor Lifts for a compact and innovative lift that can help you get the job done quickly and safely. This equipment can do the work that others can’t when operating on hills or uneven terrain.

3. Kennards AU

Kennards Hire is the largest family-owned supplier of high-quality hire equipment in Australia and New Zealand, with over 190 locations. The Athena HE Bi-levelling Scissor Lift can operate on a slope of up to 20 degrees on both the x and y axes, which no other Scissor Lift on the market can do right now. The machine is also quite small. Because it’s only 796mm wide, it can fit through a standard door. The rails fold down to only 1880mm wide, making passage through the door much easier.

4. Swift Equipment

Swift Equipment is a full-service access equipment provider that rents, services, and sells Scissor Lifts, including the New Athena 850 Bi-Levelling Tracked Scissor Lift. It can eliminate the need for numerous machines on site by combining the functions of a slab scissor and a rough terrain elevated work platform into one unit.

5. Skyreach

Skyreach has an extensive range of Scissor Lifts varying from 13ft to 98ft. The Scissor range is inclusive of electric, diesel, and specialised units that are available with extension decks, non-marking, and rough terrain tyres, Bi-Energy, and Bi-Leveling capabilities. No matter what project you undertake, they have you covered. It offers the Bi-Energy 20ft (5.90m) ASPAC Athena Scissor Lift that is suited to both indoor and rough terrain use with its Bi-leveling Double Track (Trax) all-terrain access. It has an extension deck and secure ground operations, supplying safety at a working height of 7.90m for teams of up to 2 people and graded to 25%.

6. United Forklift and Access Solutions

United has Australia’s largest selection of scissor lifts for both indoor and outdoor use. AlmaCrawler is the Italian maker of the Athena bi-leveling scissor lifts that are innovative and one-of-a-kind. The Athena by AlmaCrawler has received worldwide renown for its elegant appearance and performance. Throughout Australia, United Equipment is the authorized national retailer of Athena bi-leveling scissor lifts. The Athena 850 Scissor Lift, according to United, is the world’s first of its kind, capable of leveling on its axis in longitudinal and lateral dimensions to operate on slopes and undulating terrain.


The Athena Bi-leveling Scissor Lift is the world’s most productive self-propelled scissor lift and the world’s only tracked scissor lift, allowing you to move on and work on nearly any surface. Athena Scissor Lifts are tiny, creative lifts that can assist you in getting the work done quickly and safely. This equipment can do the work that others can’t when operating on hills or uneven terrain.

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