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60ft Diesel Knuckle Boom Hi-Capacity Lift

Exceptional outreach and versatile performance with the 60ft Diesel Knuckle Boom Hi-Capacity Lift

Four-wheel Drive

Excellent outdoor drive performance on all kinds of uneven and unlevelled grounds


Offers three different capacity zones, which are all rated separately for three persons and tools

Increased Efficiency

Equipped with a zero calibration load sensor that removes manual calibration

Enhanced Operator Experience

Fitted with an upgraded light panel and a chassis tilt alarm

Narrow Chassis

Installed for wider access to hard to reach areas

Unbeatable Maneuvrability

Built with a 180 Degree Hydraulic Platform Rotator and an oscillating axle to provide operators with smooth control

Diesel Boom Lift Hire Melbourne

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Aerial work platforms with several boom sections that hinge, which allow the operator to access work areas above impediments and barriers. These adaptable items, often known as knuckle booms are ideal for narrow access and hard-to-reach regions. Aerial work platforms with telescoping boom sections are known as telescopic booms. Because of their straight appearance, they are sometimes known as straight booms. Telescopic booms have a wider horizontal reach than any other type of aerial platform, making them excellent for applications such as construction, industrial, entertainment, road construction when access is restricted.

Telescopic boom lifts typically reach higher heights than knuckle boom lifts. This is mainly because of the straight boom lift's hydraulics, which make the base more stable than its counterpart. 


Every job has a different requirement and different environment. These are the things that you need to consider before inquiring about a boom lift hire in Melbourne. 

Yes. Just like scissor lifts, boom lifts can also tip over in unfortunate circumstances. Aerial work platform mishaps of this kind are the one of the most common lift related accidents in the industry. The higher the platform is lifted, the greater chance that its base becomes more unstable. 


There are several factors that can cause boom lift tip overs. Here are just a few of them: 

  • Unexperienced operators 
  • Boom lift is positioned on a slope
  • Choosing the wrong lift for the job
  • Extreme weather like snowstorms, strong winds, or heavy rains
  • Exceeding the maximum load capacity
  • Moving the boom lift while the basket is lifted

At Eastern Access Group, your safety is our priority. When you avail of our scissor lift hire or boom lift hire in Melbourne, we can assure you that our access equipment operators are well-trained, licenced, and have lots of experience. We provide a free consultation should you have any doubts on which aerial work platform is right for you. 

Safety always comes first whether you are working on a scissor lift or a boom lift. Here are some tips on how to work safely on your aerial platforms. 

  • Clear the base and circumference of the lift 
  • Do not let unlicensed and untrained operators touch the boom lift
  • Always wear protective gear and equipment 
  • Do not exceed maximum weight requirements
  • Check the weather before starting the workday

Boom lifts can be transported without hassle as long as you adhere to the following protocols for boom lift hire transport. 

  • Make sure your aerial lift's boom is entirely retracted and not extended before transporting it.
  • Make sure it has circle-end wheels and that any axles are fully retracted if it has a 360-turntable.
  • Make sure your aerial lift is fully lowered and folded if it's a scissor lift.

Eastern Access Group Melbourne gives our clients the option of having their aerial work platforms delivered directly to the site or having the boom lifts picked up from our warehouse. 

600AJ HC3 Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

Standard Features of a 600AJ HC3 Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

• Oscillating Axle
• 4WD
• Non-Marking Tyres
• Generator including AC Outlets to
Platform and ELCB
• 180 Degree Hydraulic Platform Rotator
• 5 Degree Tilt Alarm/Indicator Light
• Swing-Out Engine Tray
• Flashing Amber Beacon
• 12V-DC Auxiliary Power
• Hourmeter
• Horn
• Control ADE® System
• Proportional Controls

Standard Features of a 600AJ HC3 Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

• Gull-Wing Engine Hood
• Self-Closing Self-Locking Gate
• LED Light Panel at Platform and Ground
Control Consoles
• Status Light Panel*
• Lifting/Tie Down Lugs
• All Motion Alarm
• Glow Plugs (Diesel Engines)
• Load Sensing System
• SkyGuard SkyLine
• AS/NZS 1418.10 Compliance

Accessories and Options of a 600AJ HC3 Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift

• Platform: 36 x 72 in. (0.91 x 1.83 m)
• Fall Arrest Platform, Rear Entry: 36 x 96
in. (0.91 x 2.44 m)
• SkySenseTM
• Operator Tool Tray

• Mesh to Mid Rail
• Fire Extinguisher
• White Noise (Squawker) Alarm
• Pipe Racks
• SkyGlazier

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