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47ft 4WD Rough Terrain Diesel Scissor Lift

Smooth Control

Proportional drive, lift and lower give smooth control


Its compactness enables to go through narrow spaces

Expandale Platform

Built with a roll-out deck extension to give your more workspace

Maximum Traction

Equipped with an osciallting axle and a full time traction control for positive traction and flawless operation

State of the Art Safety Features

LCD displays, self-locking gate, motion alarms,lift and load sensors to help prevent accidents

4-Wheel Drive

Get work done on both levelled and rough grounds in the outdoors

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne

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Although 4WD diesel scissor lifts are made for the outdoors, it is important to take caution when using them during winter. Working on a scissor lift when there is lots of snow and ice is a recipe for disaster. Ice can make the ground slippery, therefore making the scissor lift hire unstable. Wearing goggles while working on a winter day can also be cause of problems. Goggles can fog up easily making it hard to see properly while working. 


Eastern Access Group Melbourne prioritises safety over everything else. Please consult with our access equipment hire experts to know what kind of access equipment you need in Melbourne. 

Rough terrain scissor lifts can be used for up to wind speeds of below 28 miles per hour. Strong winds can cause great damage and injury when operators lose their balance, making the scissor lift unstable. Very strong gusts of winds can also tip scissor lifts over in a split second. These accidents can be prevented when safety checks are not bypassed. 

Eastern Access Group takes pride in making safety its first priority. We only employ licensed and experienced access equipment operators who make sure all scissor lifts and boom lifts are in their best condition all the time. 


You can use diesel scissor lifts even during the colder months while of course, maintaining and adhering to safety protocols. Cold weather can cause scissor lifts to malfunction because the hydraulics have not been warmed prior to use. Here are a few tips in keeping your hydraulics happy and warm during winter. 
1. Check the fluids of the scissor lift hydraulics
2. Ensure that there is enough time for the aerial work platform to warm up before use
3.  If your scissor lift has rubber components, inspect them before working. Cold weather can cause rubber to crack and tear easily. 


Prior to being allowed to operate scissor lifts or any other mobile work platform, a nationally-recognised training course must be completed with a registered training organisation. All scissor lift operators must have an EWP Operator Ticket or  a Yellow Card.  This includes the operation of all platforms that are below 11 metres in height. For aerial work platforms taller than 11 metres, a WorkCover High Risk Work Licence is needed to be issued by the State that you are in. 
All of Eastern Access Group's access equipment hire operators have undergone the proper training and have the legal licence to operate boom lifts, scissor lifts, and manlifts in Melbourne. You don't have to worry if you don't have anyone to operate the lift because we can provide it for you! 

The scissor lift is one of the most versatile and efficient access equipment available in the market. Scissor lifts come in a variety of sizes, kinds, and differ depending on your work needs. We understand that in order to work securely with access equipment, your lift must be custom-made for your needs.

While both electric and diesel scissor lift aim to allow access to unreachable heights and spaces, they also differ in several areas. Electric scissor lifts are more quiet and offer zero emissions, which make them the perfect candidate for indoor work. Its diesel counterpart, on the other hand, are louder, emit dangerous fumes, plus carry heavier loads. 


Eastern Access Group Melbourne offers both diesel-powered and electric scissor lift hire in any location in Melbourne. We also have highly maintained boom lift hire and manlifts that are available to meet your work requirements. Available for pick-up and on-site delivery. 


RT4769 Diesel Scissor Lift

Standard Features of a RT4769 Diesel Scissor Lift

• Hydraulic Leveling Jacks (Auto Level)
• Roll-out Deck Extension
• 4WD
• Moveable, Removable Platform Console
• Nickel Plated Pins, Yellow Zinc-Chromate
Plated Fasteners
• Pin-Less Fold Down Rail System
• Platform Control Box with LCD Display,
USB Charger and Phone Holster
• Self-closing Self-locking Gate
• Flashing Amber Beacon – LED
• Full Time Traction Control
• Lubrication-Free Scissor Arm Bushings
• Manual Descent
• Oscillating Front Axle

Standard Features of a RT4769 Diesel Scissor Lift

• Scissor Maintenance Prop
• Tie Down Lugs
• 26 x 12 Foam Filled Non-Marking Tyres
• 240V-AC Receptacle In Platform incl. ELCB
• 23 Amp Automatic, SCR Battery Charger
• All Motion Alarm
• Descent Alarm
• Horn
• Hourmeter
• Proportional Lift and Drive
• LCD Display with LiftSense System
• Pin-based Load Sensing System
• Telematics-Ready Harness
• AS/NZS 1418.10 Compliant

Accessories and Options for a RT4769 Diesel Scissor Lift

• White Noise Backup Alarm
• JLG CleanGuard
• Special Hydraulic Fluids
• Special Paint
• ClearSkyTM

• Operator Access Control
• Heavy Duty Pipe Racks

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